Tim & Bethany's Mission Beach Wedding

Every blog is different, we all know that and of course every couple is different but the one thing our couples have in common is that we share a friendship that builds over time leading up to the wedding day and lucky for me it continues on after the wedding also! Tim and Bethany are no different, like most couples covid wrecked the plans for their wedding last year and at the time we all felt a little defeated, I know I was, until I came across a post Bethy had posted declaring her love for her fiance and asking her wedding suppliers to stick by us and work with us to make things less stressful than it already was for us at the time. As the year rolled by Beth and Tim became closer to me and they weren't just clients, they are beautiful friends, so when it came time for the wedding it was so nice to be welcomed into the family by all of their guests.

The boys were chilled all morning, a quiet beer, a few jokes and Tim's groomsman hanging shit on the poor old photographer (don't worry, I give as good as I get). We got the boys ready and headed down to the gardens for some portraits then left them to their own devices.

The ladies on the other hand, now this is where the party was at! the room was full and the beautiful team that made the already beautiful Bethy into an absolute goddess were Alice and Shannon, The morning flowed well and the vibe was just right. We did a dress reveal with her stunning bridesmaids and we were ready to roll!

The day however didn't totally play out like it should have, bang on 3pm a wall of black cloud and rain rushed in over the ocean forcing Bethy to turn around and head back into Castaways to seek refuge from the passing "Piss down" as I named it appropriately. While we sat under cover watching it pour down I couldn't help think to myself how good would it be if we had a shower tonight, but more on that later...

The time came and my man Tim was nervous, I could see that as he watched the stunning bridesmaids come down the aisle and at the last moment I asked Tim to face me with his back to the bride, this has become my signature thing over the years and always something I insist on doing because the reaction on Tim's face as he turned and saw Bethany and her mum walking down the aisle is something their future children will love to see down the track. Tim's reaction to seeing his Wife to be for the first time in her stunning dress looking like an angel was emotional for everyone.

The rain had gone and the sun was out as the ceremony kicked off with the beautiful celebrant Kate Bellman. Like myself, Kate has also became great friends with these two and it definitely showed. As the nerves had built up with these two young lovers, it was ideal to have someone who felt more like a good friend to marry them both.

After the group shot and the family formals we packed up and hit the beach for some low tide action! Now normally in Townsville low tide means mud flats which is something I would just leave where it is and take my couples somewhere else but the low tide gave a beautiful reflective feel to the portraits that we were totally in love with! I say "we" because working along side me for the day was the ever talented Tayla & her assistant Saskia from Jade Films. Like the rest of the suppliers already, Tayla was also apart of this founded friendship circle which made the flow of the day just glide along perfectly.

We hit the usual spots along mission for a fun afternoon that had everything! laughs, champagne, shenanigans and of course love. As the night rolled on so did the dancing, great food and the speeches and everyone attesting to the love these two special humans have for each other.

There was a time during the night that had me emotional, Tim and Beth had a very special video from family who couldn't make it to the wedding. I remember sitting in a cafe sharing a beer with these two when they told me the situation behind the reason. I was a mess along side these two, I didn't even know the family but I could see how much this effected Tim and Bethy. So when they watched this little video that they had prepared for the couple there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Then out of nowhere it happened, the wind blew in and the familiar smell was in the air... the rain had come, a small shower no bigger than a football field on the radar came across the coast and I bolted for Beth, Tim and my light stand. We set up at the end of the pool and I snagged a shot that most photographers long for, a back lit rain shot. And just like that it opened up and dumped down. We all stood there wet and smiling as we took off to do some more night shots.

I love the fact that I do this for a living. I love the fact that in 40 years time Tim and Beth could be showing their grandchildren these photos in an album and they can see how much love there is in this close circle of friends and family.

We all waited so long for this and we are beyond happy for Tim and Beth when the 30/04/21 rolled around. I cant thank these two enough for sticking with us and letting us in to capture their love story. Tim and Beth I love you guys, You are my friends and I honestly think some connections are just meant to be made.

Massive thanks to these legends

Blessing By Kate

Jade Films


Inner Goddess Hair

Alice Makeup Artist

Cute as a cupcake Australia

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