The Wallinger Wedding, Townsville

This wedding... where I learnt the lovely ladies of the bridal party are just as wild as the blokes, that wombats really are hairy and you need to find the structural support in the walls for burnouts on Harley's.

I love all weddings but this one I was looking forward to. You see when I get talking to my couples during the engagement shoot, I get a feel for how these couples laugh, love and react to each other (and my terrible jokes). And with out fail these two were perfect.

Unfortunately (including some of the bridal party) some family and friends couldn't make it to watch these two say their "I do's" to each other. However one very special family member couldn't make it and that was Rochelle's Brother, I guess he was there in spirit but also in the form of a cutout which really made the day extra special. He went as far as not only streaming the day start to finish but also dressed up, cooked the same meal the Mercure had on the menu, drank with everyone and also completed the nutbush with everyone.

The Morning...

When I arrived at the boys house I could smell rubber... burnt rubber... then I noticed the two Harley's sitting in the driveway. Being a red blooded male who loves a good time and the sweet note of a Harley at idle half or full throttle I immediately knew these blokes had a fat time the night before. When I rolled inside I was told about the night before and had a little bit of FOMO. With that said it was time for the boys to have a few beers while i grabbed a few shots of the details and the scene of the burnout crime only to walk back in and watch the footage from the night before! With the boys dressed we slipped on down to the local park for a few photos of the boys on the bikes and just like that I was on my way to see the ladies.

When I arrived at the Mercure I noticed the details all laid out for me including a pair of the brides crisp white shoes ready to kick today's ass! I usually get a feel for the boys in the bridal party as to which one is going to run a muck or who is the funniest but when I met Rochelle's Bridesmaids I couldn't pick it. These guys were all hilarious and had me in stitches. After a quiet morning the girls relaxed as the last of the Hair and Makeup courtesy of the talented Make me up Buttercup & Beautique Hair Lounge was completed and it was time for Rochelle to get dressed. With the help of her beautiful mother I could only anticipate what Rochelle's dad's reaction would be when he turned around to see his beautiful daughter all dressed up about to walk down the aisle. His reaction did not disappoint. Standing there in the stunning gown by Luv Bridal with a lavish bouquet from Malpara florist Rochelle's dad looked so proud and like his heart would burst.

The Afternoon...

The Ceremony that was conducted by the beautiful Donna Lovelady at the Mercure it felt like such a warm welcoming ceremony that had Love, laughter and a few happy tears. As the "I do's" were said and the kiss sealed the deal the couple walked down the aisle to an abundance of rose petals and cheers. As they stood and welcomed hugs and kisses from friends and family it was so nice to capture the moments of love and joy as each of the guests gave a hug and a kiss to the happy couple. This is one of my favorite parts of the ceremony to capture. They are genuine loving moments. Some guest haven't seen the bride or groom for a while and the expression of joy that spreads across their faces honestly makes the best photos for pure candid moments.

The group photo is done and the family formals are done and it's time to chill out for 15 mins with the guests. We didn't rush it, we took some time for these two to enjoy some time with their friends and family before we packed up and dodged the All Blacks rugby team in the lobby just to get out of the Mercure to head to Queens Gardens.