Spending the afternoon with the Barnham's

This blog title should be called false start. Joanne, Gary, Abigail and Elliot were originally going to join me for an afternoon around queens gardens back in June. Unfortunately it was an unseasonably wet day in June for Townsville. Fast forward to August and we finally got our shot! It's was a typical day in Queens Gardens, the sun light was flooding the garden canopy and the temperature was just perfect. Elliot who is around the same age as my little boy showed me all the cool sounds a dinosaur makes and particularly his favorite the T-Rex while Abigail showed me her beautiful spins and expressed her love of fairy's. Joanne and Gary sat back relaxed and looked on as their kids were being... well kids. They loved running around the maze and discovering what kind of wild life were hiding in the bushes. I loved this session. Just 10 mins ago I went looking over the gallery to pick out what images we would include. It was so hard to pick just a few. I will not apologise for the overshare! So sit back and enjoy

As always, If you want to spend an afternoon with me and my cameras at you favorite location with you and the family reach out to us now!


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