Renee & Samantha's North Queensland Bowen Elopement

Over the process of the wedding planning I usually get to meet with the couple a few times before the big day. This gives me a great indication on their personality, things they enjoy, how they interact with each other. It's definitely not something that goes un-noticed. Courtesy of many years as a FIFO worker I have refined myself in the art of people watching from my time in airports. I like to think that this helps me when I get to be apart of these little interactions and 100% it makes the big day easier.

So that's what makes this elopement a little different to the rest. I had only ever had a 15 minute Zoom call with Renee and Samantha and a few emails and that was it. So really the first time I saw Renee in person was with her walking arm in arm with her dad towards the ceremony. Obviously I took the photo first then quickly introduced myself to her before delivering some last minute instructions. But this lack of interaction didn't change a thing. The love that Renee and Samantha have for each other was visible from the get go. As I was standing in front of Samantha she was standing there looking into my lens knowing that just a mere 12 meters behind her was her wife standing there with her father waiting to come down the aisle. The look is a look I have seen many times over, but strange as it sounds the look is also always different. They will often hear me say, "Take a deep breath mate, count back from 5 and turn around" They always take more than 5 seconds. I could see the emotion in Samantha's eyes. She was ready to marry the woman she loves the most.

When Sam turns around and she sees Renee walking down the aisle smiling a beautiful smile it was clear to me and the immediate family surrounding them that this day was meant to happen. This elopement under the guise of a family holiday went off with out a hitch. The ceremony was conducted by the beautiful Annie from I do Whitsundays weddings The styling was lovingly put together by the family. They moved fast and gave these two lovers the perfect set up to celebrate their love for each other.

After the Family formals I got to spend a whole afternoon with these lovely ladies in the sunlight on the beaches of Horseshoe Bay at Bowen. We walked and talked the whole afternoon. Before you knew it, 6:30pm had rolled around and it was time for these two to head back and celebrate the big day with fine dining and loving family. We watched as Mother Nature turned it on for an epic sunset and I couldn't have been happier with the stunning images I captured that day.

Renee & Samantha I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to capture your special day. Spending the afternoon with you two and immediate family was beautiful.

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