Neil & Lauren's Townsville Wedding

Life is hard. You don't need to read one of my blogs to tell you that, it can be made harder by not having that close network of friends and family by your side when it comes time for key moments in your life, be it struggles or celebrations. Making the decision to go ahead with your big day in this day and age is a hard thing to do. I'm not going to sit here and pretend to know the shitty feeling that couples get due to postponing or cancelling weddings but in my profession over the last two years I have seen many couples in the same boat as Lauren and Neil. I have sat with couples working out new dates, new venues and new plans. The first time I sat with Lauren and Neil I could see that the planning for this big day had taken a toll on them both. I really could relate as I have sat by over the last two years and seen the struggles that faced my beautiful wife and her family being stuck in another state. I knew that this wedding had to be everything they had hoped for and then some. Did that happen??? well read on, enjoy the photos and see for your self. Also if you are friends and family of the happy couple. Please let me know your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

The Men,

Gathered around in room 1919 at The Ville there was nothing but cheek and jokes mostly at Neil's expense as the boys relaxed in the room before getting ready. Neil calm as ever headed off into the other room to look over his attire one last time, before getting dressed up. We chatted a while and then he told me about the gifts that he purchased for his groomsman, Stewart, Allan and his best man Jamie. With the boys dressed we headed down stairs to grab a few portraits and some laughs before it was time to head up to the lovely ladies in 1801

The Ladies

When I arrived, Lucy, Jessica and Tanya were busy with the bridal party duties that normally come on the day. While Lauren was sitting in her room finding the words to put down on paper to thank the lovely ladies who have not only helped on the day but undertook the mammoth task of getting this couple to this point. With the words down on paper and the gift boxes wrapped It was time for Lauren to have her turn in the chair with the very talented Maria Gardner & Your Canvas for her hair and make up. It was getting real now, with the hair and make up done, Lauren made her way over to the window to see her husband to be down on the lawn organising the ceremony. Beside her at the time standing tall and beautiful was her stunning dress from Signature Bridal on our elegant mannequin. As Lauren put on her dress and the ladies helped her with her details and shoes, Lauren looked amazing. It was almost time.

The Ceremony

On the lawns at The Ville the sun poked it's head out after a gloomy day to give these two lovers the chance to pronounce their love for each other in front of family and friends. Riding shot gun was their little boy Hunter who was eager to see Mum and Dad say their "I do's" and also place his orange ribbon over mum and dad's hand along with everyone else for the ribbon ceremony. As the ceremony came to a close and Lauren and Neil were announced, they walked down the aisle to be showered in confetti by friends and family. After they made it to the end they were mobbed with hugs, handshakes and congratulations.

Now the fun begins

With the formal part of the day out of the way it was time for the fun to start. We took the bridal party aside grabbed some really fun portraits of everyone with the lush gardens as a beautiful backdrop and these guys were pro's at making the day comfortable and fun. It was time to bid farewell to our bridal party and head off to one of my favourite places in Townsville, Queens Gardens. From there we headed up to one of Townsville's biggest Icons, Castle hill. With the amazing sunset from the day before I was hoping we would have something similar the next day and we definitely did. The sunset was amazing and the couple standing in front of it topped it off. Utterly amazing. From there we slipped back to a nice spot that I love to finish off the day.

The reception started and it was so nice for Lauren and Neil to walk into a room full of smiling faces and for the nights festivities to start with the usual run of dinner, hilarious speeches and a beautiful first dance. It was so nice to see every one having a great time. There is a lot to be said for technology in this day and age but for Lauren and Neil to be able to share their big day with everyone by a streaming device was great, they may not have been there in person but they got to watch it as it happened.

I really hope this blog, these images and slideshow, which ever you choose to watch, help you feel like you were part of the day and got to view everything the way the couple have

Lauren, Neil and Hunter. Thank you for choosing me to capture your big day. I know the planning was hard on you both and I know some decisions that were decided made the day a little stressful but I really hope these images stay with you as one of the happiest days of your life. I'm so glad I got to capture them for you.

Feel free to scroll the gallery or kick back and watch the slideshow. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Many thanks to these amazing vendors:

Venue: The Ville

Hair: Maria Gardner

Make-up: Your Canvas

Dress: Signature Bridal

Cake: Noddy's Cakes & Cafes

Stylist: Townsville Weddings & Events

Flowers: Malpara

DJ & MC: Justin - Boosted Beats

Jewelers: JBD Jewelers

Suits: New Park Mens Suit Hire