Mr & Mrs Barnwell tie the knot in Townsville..... again!

I feel like I say this a lot... but Covid was a real pain for anyone organising a wedding. We all know that and Jessica and Kain definitely know that! but they decided to postpone love rather than cancel it. They made the difficult decision to tie the knot in Melbourne just by themselves without friends and family and it would have been a hard thing to do but they did know that one day they would make up for it and boy did they.

Set in the back yard of a Rupertswood property these two gathered with friends and family that they haven't seen for such a long time.

As time went on and rules and restrictions came in it was pretty clear that Jessica and Kain didn't stay 1.5m apart. (I'm a dad & dad jokes are my business and business is good) and Jessica and Kain had a little announcement that they let me in on.... they were now expecting. And I was so excited that they asked me to announce this to all of the guests during the group photo. It would be the perfect time to capture the look of shock, confusion, love and excitement on everyone's faces. And I am positive I succeeded. We also did the gender reveal which was an absolute blast. Two of Kain and Jessica's guests snuck two confetti cannons behind the group and on the count of 3 I asked the group to yell out their thoughts on what the sex of the baby may be and just like that it was revealed that they are expecting a baby... Well you can scroll though the photos or watch the slideshow to find out ;)

Jessica and Kain. Thank you for sticking with us and thank you for asking us to capture

this moment for you.

The Announcement

The Reaction's