Monique & Clinton's Surprise Forrest Beach Wedding

It's like an engagement party... with a wedding attached. This was the aim of Monique and Clinton's big day but family photos at Forrest beach and then an engagement party was what everyone had been told.

But lets start a few hours earlier where Clinton was getting ready down near the beach front. With nothing but good tunes and some cold beers the boys kicked back and got ready for the big day. We slipped down to the back for a few photos and finished up with Clinton delivering some really cool gifts to the boys before he opened a really sweet gift from Monique. With that done we skipped out the front to grab a few more images by the flowering bougainvillea tree.

I then took off over to Monique where the finishing touches from the lovely ladies at Maddies Hair Bar were getting done. The vibe was just right for the morning as Monique got dressed and went over to have a very emotional first look with her mum and it really didn't disappoint. With emotions running high it was time for myself to head over to get the guest ready for the "Family Photo's" With a group shot to start off the afternoon I asked the guest to face me get in nice and close

"On the count of 3 throw your hands in the air and give me a cheer"

There was a cheer, to which I informed them was terrible, Asking them to do do it again I said on the count of 3 I want you to say

"We are going to a wedding today"

The looks of confusion were brilliant and on that note I asked the guests to turn around and say hello to the Groom. There standing behind the crowd were some sharp dressed men and standing at the front of the pack was the grinning Clinton who then greeted everyone and asked them to come down and get ready for a beautiful ceremony on the beach that was conducted by Crystelle Lepinath. Before the ceremony could kick off we decided to do a first look with Monique's Grandfather. Emotional is the word I would use to describe how this went down. He was so ecstatic and overwhelmed looking at this beautiful woman who stood before him as he was only minutes away from walking her down the aisle.

With the ceremony under way, some beautiful words spoken and the exchanging of the rings, this happy couple walked down the aisle to the petal toss and the didgeridoo being played it was nothing but love and tradition.

After the group shot and family formals done and out of the way we took off for some beautiful location photos around the region. That's enough from me though. Enjoy the images from Monique and Clinton's big day!

Massive thanks to these amazing suppliers

Crystelle Lepinath

Maddies Hair Bar

Denise's Delectable Delights

Majestic Cafe

Forrest beach surf club

Signature Bridal

Zorran Cassady

MC. Phillip Warria

Renee Park Designs- wedding signs

Video- Zorran Cassady

Florist- Janeen Prior