Loren & Aaron's Magnetic Island Elopement

Life got messed up last year thanks to covid. We can't deny it. However these two are living proof that you can't cancel love. It will happen. It may not be with everyone you want but it will be with the ones that matter.

Loren and Aaron...

Where to start with these two legends! When I first made contact with these two they did have plans for a Townsville wedding where friends and family could come and join them on what would be a very typical North Queensland winter. Cold for us but perfect for southerners like Loren and Aaron. Covid got in the way and really messed all of that up, so with some rescheduling, a location change and a tiny bit of stress we soon worked out a date that would suit everyone.

Settled nicely on the point of picnic bay there is some beautiful holiday homes. I have been fortunate enough to capture quite a few Elopements and ceremony's over in these beautiful homes that have beautiful views of the ocean and Magnetic island and of course Townsville. They are perfect for that small elopement and also the chance to turn that magic day into a holiday for all of the family, with plenty of beds and a relaxing pool and this is just what this couple did.

Aaron with his parents, sister and her partner joined Loren and both parents, 2 awesome brothers and the sweetest Grandmother you could ever meet helped set up a ceremony down on the picnic bay foreshore and an even more elegant dinner setting back at the house. In front of the water, Jeanette Cole conducted a ceremony that was suited to the couple and it went off with out a hitch.

After the Ceremony we had some small family formals before exploring some new areas of the Island for some location shots. Including a lovely grandmothers stunning front garden which I had organised the day before. After finishing at my favourite spot the Picnic bay jetty we then went up to the house to watch the party unfold.

There have only been a few weddings where I have been seated at the table with guests, treated like one of the family (in this case I was even told my new name was Matthew Parker). I can say that the love that surrounded these two throughout the whole week was endless. I was truly sad to leave the party on Sunday night for the last ferry back. I did look out the window where I could make out under the moonlight the place where the party was erupting and I had some serious fomo.

Many thanks to

Jc filmz

Jeanette Cole

Your Canvas Makeup

Michels catering and Events

St floral- The secret Garden

Baked By Maree

Check out the slideshow below or take a stroll through the images below

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