Josh & Gill's Townsville Wedding

It’s quite obvious that everyone is different this is something that I don’t need to tell you. When it comes down to weddings some people like the traditional 'white weddings' some people like big country weddings, some like small intimate weddings. Safe to say I've photographed all kinds of different weddings over the years but for some reason Josh and Gill’s really stood out as something different for me.

Let me start from the beginning.

When Josh and Gill were searching for a wedding photographer it wasn’t just a simple case of picking someone that looked like they had nice work. I got the sense that they wanted someone to have creative control over their wedding day for some photos at places that might be a little bit different to everyone else. I had a feeling that things were going to be very different when we did the city based engagement shoot which was an absolute blast with something so different for me to capture, to push my boundaries as a photographer and it’s something that I really enjoyed so I knew that when the wedding day rolled around it was going to be a great day.

The groom prep...

After having a coffee and a think about the days events in front of us, the lovely Camilla and I headed off to where Josh was getting ready at an apartment building in the city overlooking the Strand, Castle Hill and everything Townsville represents in the one photo. The boys were easing into the morning nicely enjoying some fine Irish whiskey and a beautiful platter and relaxing before getting changed and getting ready. With some lovely images taken with Castle Hill in the background at a location that was very unique for myself and the Groom we slipped down to the poolside to unwrap a beautiful gift and a lovely letter that Gill had prepared for Josh.

The bride prep...

Once we left the boys, we headed on over the Bride prep location. It was a location I was very excited about photographing, it’s called the church house and it’s a beautiful little Airbnb that’s just off the city and is described by all accounts as one of the most beautiful places a bride can get ready on her big day. With attached windows and beautiful natural light coming through it’s easy to see how the Bride can be photographed so elegantly in that lovely soft light. After Gill was in her dress she grabbed her beautiful Bouquet by Pickaposy and walked into the bedroom where her father was waiting with Gill‘s mum by his side. These moments are a particular favourite of mine; the first look for dad, the first time his little girl is all dressed up in her wedding dressed ready to walk down the aisle to marry the person of her dreams. It was a very emotional moment for everyone and one that I’m so happy I got to capture for this family.

With a few more portraits for done at the church house we took off over to the Palmetum for the ceremony and with the beautiful gardens and the sun shining through the trees these two lovers announced their vows for each other in front of friends and family, either in person or watching on the stream. It was a beautiful moment and complete with these two saying I do and sealing the deal with a kiss. As these two walked down the aisle to an abundance of bubbles, Josh and Gill were hugged and congratulated by all their friends and family who attended.

With the Group shot and the family formals out of the way it was time for the fun to begin.

The location photos...

Staying at the Palmetum, it was nice to capture some bridal party images in such a fun and relaxed environment while taking advantage of the beautiful rainforest background, I quickly grabbed Josh and Gill and took them to a secluded part of the gardens that I love to shoot and grabbed a couple of shots of just the two of them. Once we were done here we loaded up and headed back to the church house with the couple just to get a few portraits of them inside this beautiful home and it was amazing how much the light can change in just a few short hours, we didn’t find a bad spot at all and absolutely used up every inch of this little beautiful Airbnb.

With the bridal party off for a couple of cheeky cocktails I took the couple over to a nice little park that has a beautiful backdrop of yachts, Castle Hill at Flinders Street with the sun setting it was just right to get some lovely Silhouette and some beautiful moments of these two just being a married couple. But it soon came evident it was time for a cocktail or two so we slipped over to Flinders