Gloria & Tyrone's Intimate Wedding. Townsville - Palmetum

There are so many things that can happen on a wedding day, I don't even know where to start. This wedding though had a fair few firsts for me, and I am so happy it did. From the grooms reaction to seeing his bride for the first time to the Haka happening right after the ceremony to the surprise gift of light rain right at the end of the day. But lets start at the beginning shall we.

When Gloria and Tyrone came around to our place for a meet and greet I could immediately tell that besides each other, the next thing that meant the most to them in this world was family. Some family couldn't be there for the big day as some were overseas and the travel predicament that we face daily came into play. It didn't stop love though! love happened, surrounded by close friends and family.

I arrived as the boys were just chilling, good music and laughs were coming from the house as I pulled up so I knew this was going to be a good morning. The overcast cloud had me hoping for a light shower of rain at the end of the day but for now it was playing a lovely part for some nice even light. Gifts were exchanged and a few more laughs were had as I left the boys to head over to Gloria

Much of the same was happening over where Gloria was getting ready with her family and her beautiful little boy Trevione. Gloria looked stunning, emotions took over as Gloria took out her pendant from The Perfect Charmer you could see the nerves but they soon settled as she arrived at the Palmetum

A beautifully crafted ceremony by Jeanette Cole started and to say it was emotional is a complete understatement. Tyrone's emotions spilt out of him as I set him up for a not so traditional first look that I like to capture. He faced me as I captured a look that I have seen many times before, nothing would prepare me for when he turned around to see the bride for the first time. Emotion, joy and if a heart could burst out of his chest like a cartoon it simply would have.

Once the vows were exchanged and everything was signed Gloria's brother lead a haka to honor the couples celebration. Something that was a pleasure to watch and document. The love and passion was displayed for these two was monumental.

The location photos at the Palmetum are always a good choice. The lush green rain forest background always make for a great backdrop for a lovely couple but this afternoon was topped off by my earlier thoughts of... rain. Yes that's right rain. It poured as I set up for some lovely shots in the rain! Feel free to check out the slideshow or scroll the images below!

Like always if you are looking for a photographer who's not afraid to jump out in the rain and have a fun day capturing you love hit me up here.

Special thanks to the following lovely vendors.

Celebrant - Jeanette Cole

Charms - The Perfect Charmer

Flowers - TBee Blooms

Make up - Afrodite By Olympia

Venue - The Palmetum

Dress - Bridesmaids Only Australia

Suits - Johnny Big & Connors

Rings - Australian Wedding Rings