A "not so traditional" Townsville Engagement shoot with the Roberts

Pallarenda, The Town common, the beach, Queens gardens, Anderson's Park... the list goes on for options for locations for your engagement and wedding shoots. So when Josh and Gill agreed to partaking in something a little different I was absolutely stoked! Not that there is anything wrong with any of those places, it's just that from time to time it's nice to get creative in a new place.

One weekend of back to back Weddings and a Sunday Coffee with my friend Alana

Townsville CBD came alive for me weeks before this shoot, while enjoying a much needed coffee with a friend after a hectic wedding filled weekend. I had told Alana that I have been craving a new idea for an engagement shoot making use of lines, sun, shadows, graffiti and bold colours. Being that Alana lives in the city we agreed to take a walk and see what we could visualize.

"Lets hit the city for a beer and take a walk"

Josh and Gill's enthusiasm spilled over when I asked them if they wanted to try a "not so normal engagement shoot". I for one will never send you a styling guide, my words were simple "Bold, bright colours and whatever you are comfortable in" and whilst enjoying a beer thinking about the shoot to come, Josh and Gill showed up looking just that. I couldn't be happier. We sat and spoke about the wedding plans and just how the years played out thus far. Just like old friends, I have a feeling that if we didn't stop talking it could have elevated into a real good Sunday session.

Beers down, pitter patter lets get at her

First up! Let's hit the stairs whilst I sit on the ground. Josh and Gill were keen from the get go and that's what I loved about this session. With the comings and goings of people passing us on the stairs, it just made me feel even more confident that this was something creative and that was going to be so much fun!