A North Queensland Elopement

Well its been said often by myself that a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work.

(Mostly because I catch nothing but hangovers when I fish with the boys from the "caughtnada" fishing club)

So when the lovely Shelley & Will reached out looking for a Photographer / Celebrant duo for an afternoon ceremony at Patterson's Parade, Lucinda just north of Ingham I was overjoyed to visit Lucinda again (minus the fishing and hangover this time though!)

I offered the services of our elopement package that gives you some choices of celebrants for the special occasion & of course I get to tag along and photograph it. Now Shelley already being a celebrant of Shelley Schmaling Celebrant knew exactly what her and Will wanted for the big afternoon. They requested Stephen from Stephen Tasselli Marriage Celebrant service to conduct a beautiful afternoon beach ceremony.

After a casual stroll along the beach front for some beautiful afternoon light we took off over to the water front to capture that magical Hinchinbrook Island sunset. The orange hues of the afternoon wrapped around Hinchinbrook island as it stood tall whilst watching this beautiful couple. Even if they were fighting off the mosquitoes.

Feel free to look over the beautiful images from this elopement & enjoy the slideshow.

Also if you are interested in booking an all inclusive destination elopement package feel free to click here

Photography: Matthew Allen Photography

Celebrant: Stephen Tasselli Marriage Celebrant

Hair and Makeup: Chloe Wheeler Makeup Artist and Hair Styling

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