Matthew Allens
'In The Box' sessions

Looking for a fun and unique way to capture your little ones? a big milestone? or a celebration? Why not book in for an "In the box" session at our home studio.

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How does the session work

Simply pick a time and date that suits and get in touch through our contact page to organise a booking!


Our in the box sessions are done in our home studio and the session fee is $50. The session fee covers your professional photo-shoot in the box and a session will go anywhere from 45 mins to an hour, depending on how the kids go (but don't worry we have a little one so we definitely understand how it can go!).

There is no minimum age for our in the box sessions, however as all photos are taken from front on we do recommend that children be able to sit up for us to be able to capture them properly.


We then create a beautiful print collage of 9 images all rolled into one to suit your choice of theme! which you will be able to view in an on line gallery.

What print packages are available

We have 3 print package options to suit different needs.

Package 1

- Social media sized digital file for sharing

- 2 square 11"x 14" matted prints 


Package 2

- Social media sized digital file for sharing

- 2 square  11"x 14" matted prints

- 2 small prints for gifting

- 19cm x 19cm Acrylic mount Ice block


Package 3

- Social media sized digital file for sharing

- 2 square  11"x 14" matted prints

- 4 small prints for gifting

- 30cm x 30cm Acrylic mount Ice block


Can we get gift vouchers for the In the box sessions


You certainly can!

Option 1: $50 session voucher










Option 2: session fee plus your choice of print package. Prices start at $250








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Purple Sparkles Just Because Card.jpg

For more information on the items listed in the packages, as well as other items available to purchase with yout images, please feel free to check out our "The final products page".

For any further questions or to make a booking you can contact us here.