Family, Maternity & Graduation Portrait sessions

Do you remember...


walking around your grandparents house when you where young? I do, I remember seeing photos all around the house full of happy memories. Lets give you that feeling, lets print something that you will love to lay eyes on for years to come. Let us offer you something more than a usb stick at the end your session. 

Please scroll over our gallery for a look at our session details and to see what we do differently.  all investment information and F.A.Q'S can be found at the bottom of the page. Please have a read over them and if you feel that our sessions sound like they would suit you, please feel free to click the link to get in contact.


We look forward to hearing from you!


What is a Matthew Allen portrait session about?


Like our weddings, we want to make our portrait sessions not just about photos but a whole amazing experience. At the end of it we don't just want to hand you a USB or access to an online gallery. We want you to have unforgettable, high quality and tangible reminders of your session. We want you to have beautiful wall art that you will feel emotion towards when you look at it displayed in your home, we want you to have gorgeous albums so you can laugh, smile and cherish the images as the years go by. Not only do they make beautiful pieces in your own home but they make beautiful presents for other family members. Let Matthew Allen print your session, let us continue the fun afternoon by filling your home with beautiful prints and wall art.

Can we see the products before we book?

You sure can! Just reach out via email and you can come and take a look at studio samples

What is a session fee and how much is it? 

The session fee is a once off payment of $150. With it you will get Matthew's time in both session planning and the photography session itself. You will also get our experience, expertise, creativity and the time it takes to complete the editing. This fee does not include digital images or print products, you instead select the print package that best suits you after the session (see below for more details on our print packages)

Do you have a Blue card and are you insured ?

Most definitely! And we understand that its important to ask this question, especially when your family is involved. 


The cost is a factor for us, do you have payment plans?

Absolutely! Our payment plans cover our print packages. For the print packages, we offer a weekly or fortnightly payment plan and once paid off the order can be finalised.

Can we buy a gift voucher?

Certainly. Our three options are: 

1/ An amount of your choosing to be used towards any photography services or products.


2/ A session fee voucher that covers just the session fee, allowing the recipient to decide on and they can cover their own print package.


3/ A session fee and print package voucher, where you cover the session fee as well as the print package you would like them to have. All our vouchers are perfect for maternity gifts, birthdays, Christmas or any celebration! 

Can you tell us more about the print packages you have mentioned? 

After the session is done we ask you and the family over to our place to enjoy a cold drink and afternoon tea. While this goes on, we look over your beautifully edited images from the session. You can select which print package you would like to purchase. We have a variety of packages and options you can pick from that include items such as canvas prints, albums and fine art prints. You will get to select the images that you wish to have for your products.

What is the minimum spend with your print packages? 

Our minimum spend is $350. (This is separate from the session fee)

The best value will be found in the pre-selected packages that we offer, however we do also have an a la carte menu for those who wish to create their own personalised print package or add to existing packages. Remember too, when picking packages that you may wish to use some of the print items to give to family members as gifts!

Why don't we just get the USB?

Like we mentioned earlier, we want you guys to have an experience. Get dressed up, come out for the afternoon, get your photo taken. While you are all dressed up, why not take the family out for dinner after we are done! Make a day out of it. This is what we are all about. We want to give you something to have, hold and fall in love with every day because it is there beautifully displayed in your home. Please be assured that all our products are of the highest quality. Other online canvas places that may be cheaper can often print colours incorrectly and don't stand the test of time.

How long until our photos are ready?

Usually anywhere from 2-3 weeks.


How long does it take to receive our products?

Usually anywhere from 3-4 weeks from the order being placed.






Interested in seeing what print packages we have on offer for you? feel free to click below to get in contact with us.

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