Celebrants Townsville

Celebrant Abbey   0428 822 239

Celebrant Abbey has a self imposed mandate to purge all cookie cutter weddings scripts to the confines nuptial history. Her goal? She wants to become your mate and your matrimonial confidant. Abbey wants to get to know you over coffee, wine (or if you’re so inclined, some hard shots) and create a personalised love story that is uniquely you. Most importantly to Abbey, she wants to feel familiar to you, and make your ceremony a moment of magic that you will cherish forever.​

Amanda Medill     0411 018 387

My name is Amanda Medill and I absolutely love being a Townsville Celebrant; a job I am honoured to perform since my appointment back in 2005! Having celebrated over 800 weddings, and many more special life celebrations; the experience for me just gets better with each passing year!

Your wedding is a magical experience you share with friends and family; an occasion you cherish and talk about for years to come. However with the right celebrant, the ceremony can be just as much fun and a highlight of the day for not only you but for your guests too.

Jan Price   0434 256 223


I am Jan Price Been a celebrant for 11 eleven years. Happy to travel. Keep ceremony simple but no one distracts from the importance of the occasion Keep it affordable. It’s not the legal component that you will remember but necessary but your personal vows if you wish, Exchanging of your rings and the beautiful words spoken by your celebrant on your behalf and having your family and friends attend.

Janette Cole   0488 772 682


In 2013 I decided after much reflection about the direction that I wanted to take. I decided I wanted to do something that brings joy and happiness in to the lives of people and what better way to do that than to share the wedding day with beautiful couples. I have married many couples and created beautiful ceremonies for them . It is my wish that every ceremony I officiate is memorable and exactly what the client wants. Ceremonies can be short and sweet, full of romance or humorous. With the elopements I keep my fees at a reasonable cost, however the quality is always the same and I would love nothing more than to share this special day with you.

Linda Ross   0412 963 983


An elopement is the ultimate expression of love, devotion and commitment to the one you love. It focuses on the real reason for getting married without the distraction of organizing a big event. While the ceremony is simple and to the point it allows couples to personally and intimately express their innermost passionate feelings in a private ceremony they will never forget.

I am a Marriage Celebrant that has been helping couples unite their lives and souls through marriage for the past 14 years. It is such a privilege to be invited into the lives to two people as they come together to dedicate themselves to one another in a legally binding, life long relationship. It is a joyous occasion that I hope you will be happy to share with me.

Steve Taselli      0417 600 366

All weddings are unique and special to a couple, but with an elopement I think it gives the couple a personal moment for just them two.  As with a wedding there are many friends and family around which is important, sometimes couples get lost in organising their wedding day. So when a couple elope they can focus on just themselves, share more personal moments together and for me letting them express these personal moments and vows to each other. And I Also find an elopement sometimes more relaxing for the couple to enjoy the moment and each other more.